Did You Believe That The Offer We Made Was

Not Special?

Thank you for your honest and candid feedback.

We understand your skepticism. It is healthy to be somewhat skeptical in an age of special offers, sales, discounts and so on that never end. No matter where you go… online or offline, shopping malls or retail markets… it’s the same thing everywhere. Someone out there is offering a special discount at all times.

Here at Cobblestone, however, we do not offer discounts randomly or frequently.

Here’s why…

But first, let’s talk about why Cobblestones are expensive in the first place…

Cobblestones are ALWAYS made using pure-leather.

Full-grain leather or top-grain leathers only. The inners are made from soft, pure leather as well.

This ensures durability as well as comfort, since real leather allows air to pass through – so your Cobblestones breathe.

“Genuine” leather products are significantly cheaper, because “genuine” leather is significantly lower quality than full-grain or top-grain leather.

Cheap is Actually Expensive, and Vice-Versa

If you pay Rs. 2500 for a pair of “genuine” leather shoes (for example)… And then those shoes last only six months to a year of regular use… how much do you end up paying for those shoes?

If you only wear that pair 100 times before it falls apart, you end up paying Rs. 25 for each and every time you wear it.

Cobblestone Shoes may cost more upfront, but since Cobblestones are made of pure leather, they are far more durable.

So if you pay Rs. 9999 for a pair of Cobblestone, and then wear these on a thousand days, you essentially pay Rs. 9.99 for every day you put Cobblestones on.

Essentially, Cobblestones are more expensive upfront, but far more economical over the long term owing to their durability.

So, as you can understand, Cobblestones are expensive and time-consuming to produce. And as such, Cobblestones do cost more than other brands up-front.

But, here’s a special offer that goes on at all times:

The Discount We Always Offer

If you are a member of the Cobblestone Collector’s Program you get the following benefits:

>> Extended 12-month warranty on all pairs of shoes you purchase during your membership. To non-members, a standard six-month warranty is provided. But members recieve extended 12-months warranty on each and every purchase.

>> Reward points. 4x reward points per Rs. 150 spent on this website (cobblestone.shoes). On all purchases you make throughout your membership duration.

These reward points never expire, even if your membership isn’t renewed. And each reward point is worth One Rupee. Which you can redeem at any point for any purchase made here at this website (cobblestone.shoes).

And the third benefit…

>> 15% Discount on each and every purchase made throughout your membership.

This discount is on top of any and all other offers you may be availing of.

That’s the only standard discount we offer. And it’s only available to the members of the Cobblestone Collector’s Program. You can find all the details about the Collector’s program by clicking here.

That Offer You Missed Can Never Be Repeated Again

That offer was a one-time-only deal, and is now gone.


Since you missed out on a special offer earlier this week… I’d like to present another offer to you today.

Select any two (or more) pairs of Cobblestone shoes. Any two. Any sizes, any colors, any collections.

Then use the following coupon code upon checkout:


And you get a flat 15% discount on the entire order. As well as FREE shipping anywhere in India.

Please note:

This offer is only valid for one use.

This coupon code expires in 14 days.

Please do not share the coupon code with anyone else. This is only applicable to a limited number of new customers.

This offer only applies to shoes.

This coupon does not work with accessories, other special offers or
membership fees.

Normally, only members of our Collectors’ Program receive flat 15% discount on (all of) their orders. But to welcome you to the Cobblestone family, we are offering you this 15% discount for one time use.

Once again, thank you for being a Cobblestone Customer. And thank you for your honest feedback.

We really hope that you take advantage of this special offer, because unlike other companies, we really do not repeat the special offers.

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