Do You Believe That Cobblestone Shoes Are

Too Expensive?

Thank you for your honest feedback.

We would just like to bring the following to your attention with respect to the expensiveness of Cobblestones.

Firstly, Why Are Cobblestones Expensive?

Cobblestones are ALWAYS made using pure-leather.

Full-grain leather or top-grain leathers only. The inners are made from soft, pure leather as well.

This ensures durability as well as comfort, since real leather allows air to pass through – so your Cobblestones breathe.

“Genuine” leather products are significantly cheaper, because “genuine” leather is significantly lower quality than full-grain or top-grain leather.

Cheap is Actually Expensive, and Vice-Versa

If you pay Rs. 2500 for a pair of “genuine” leather shoes (for example)… And then those shoes last only six months to a year of regular use… how much do you end up paying for those shoes?

If you only wear that pair 100 times before it falls apart, you end up paying Rs. 25 for each and every time you wear it.

Cobblestone Shoes may cost more upfront, but since Cobblestones are made of pure leather, they are far more durable.

So if you pay Rs. 9999 for a pair of Cobblestone, and then wear these on a thousand days, you essentially pay Rs. 9.99 for every day you put Cobblestones on.

Essentially, Cobblestones are more expensive upfront, but far more economical over the long term owing to their durability.


Genuine leather shoes are hard on your feet, especially in the beginning.

You are required to “break in” every new pair of genuine leather shoes you buy. Which essentially means several days, if not weeks of discomfort.

If you think that blister looks painful, you’re not wrong! This was caused by “Genuine” Leather hiking boots.

Cobblestones are much more comfortable right from Day 1.


Again, because Cobblestones are made using pure leather. While it does take a little while for even Cobblestones to fully adjust to your feet, the beginning is far less uncomfortable than most “Genuine leather” shoes you buy.

And since Cobblestones last far longer than other shoes you can buy, your comfort level just keeps on increasing.

Whereas with other (cheaper) shoes you’ll end up having to buy a new pair every few months… and then the purchase is accompanied by painful blisters, skin burns, sole burns, cuts and bruises. At least for a few days. And those shoes will still never come close to being as comfortable as Cobblestones ever.

With Cobblestones, you can say goodbye to those painful “new shoes” blisters forever.

Outdated Idea

The idea of buying a new pair of shoes every three to six months sounds great to some people. What they don’t understand is that you can buy durable shoes for a little extra money upfront, and still purchase a new pair every few months, or every year.

The only difference is this…

With Cobblestones, you are building a wardrobe.

A wardrobe that lasts you years if not decades.

When you purchase durable pure-leather shoes like Cobblestone, you can still buy another pair… but it won’t have to be the same old black shoes. You can now alternate purchases between colors, formality levels, styles and so on.

For instance, these are the Double Monkstraps:

Would you stand out from everyone else with those Double Monkstraps on your feet?

These are great for casual wear. Dating, partying, hanging out with friends, lounging and so on. It’s probably best NOT to wear those to the office, or to a client’s place.

But those are perfect for parties. And you can club those with your nice, comfy old pairs of jeans too.

Whereas the following are the ultimate business shoes:

Beautiful when paired with a blue or a brown business suit. But don’t pair these up with gray or black suits.

For black and gray suits, however, you’d need something like the Classic Black Oxfords.

The black oxfords will work well with grays, blacks and even blues. But you really can’t pair them up with a brown suit. They just won’t work.

So you do need a wardrobe.

At the very minimum, you need the following three pairs:

First, The Formals:

Classic Black Oxford Balmorals

These are perfect for the office. Especially when you need to make a big impression. Meetings, seminars, interviews and so on.

These work perfectly with:

  • Black suits
  • Gray suits
  • Blue suits
  • Charcoal suits
  • Black & gray Trousers with a formal button down full-sleeved shirt

These would be your “business professionals.”

Semi-Formals are Super Versatile

The second pair you need to have in your wardrobe right now is:

Tan Wingtip-Brogues

Now these are wingtip brogues. And as such, these aren’t entirely formal.

Of course, these work with formals too… These work beautifully with brown and blue suits.

But these work just as well with your navy jeans.

Brogues are actually very versatile. These can project formality with paired with formal attire… and casualness with paired with a casual attire.

Do you have a pair of Brogues in your wardrobe right now? Because if you don’t, you must.

And finally…

The Casuals

Brown Loafers

Super comfortable, super casual. These work with everything that’s not business-related. The loafers are available in black, brown, tan, and even dual-tone cherry-oxblood or dual-tone blue-blacks.

And different colors work with different attires.

But the point is that you need at least one pair of casual leather shoes in your wardrobe. Otherwise, your wardrobe is incomplete.

And when you purchase shoes as durable as Cobblestones, you can work on building your wardrobe.


Because you don’t need to worry about buying the same pair of shoes over and over again.

My Personal Wardrobe

I personally have exactly 9 pairs of pure leather shoes in my wardrobe.

Here’s my list:

  1. Tan Oxfords (Formal)
  2. Black Oxfords (Formal)
  3. Brown Longswords (Formal)
  4. Two-Tone Cherry Oxblood Crocs (Semi-Formal)
  5. Blue Black Double Monkstraps (Semi-Formal)
  6. Two Tone Brown Shrinks (Semi-Formal)
  7. Candace (Semi-Formal)
  8. Brown Brogues (Semi-Formal)
  9. Super Comfortable Black Thickloafs (Casual)
  10. Tan Ribbons (Casual)
  11. Black Loafers (Casual)

This list covers me pretty well for everything. From big business meetings to small private ceremonies. From seminars and interviews to walking on the Bandra Band Stand with my girlfriend… I am pretty much always dressed perfectly for the occasion.

Starting to Build A Wardrobe?

Of course, if you’re just beginning to build your wardrobe, you would want to start with one or two pairs. And if there’s only one pair you are going to buy right now, start with semi-formals. Something like the black brogues.

Then, the second and the third pairs would be a casual pair and a formal pair… depending upon what you would need more often.

From there, the sky’s the limit.

So, bottomline…

Are Cobblestone Shoes Expensive?

Yes, upfront.

At the time of Purchase, Cobblestones are more expensive than most other brands.

We make no apologies for being more expensive than others… because we focus on quality.

You see, Cobblestones are built to last you several years. Even a decade or longer, if you’re careful and take care of them.

And Cobblestones are designed to be perfectly comfortable. Right from Day One.

And Cobblestones are super-stylish, and remain that way for years… so that you can built your perfect wardrobe over the years.

So over the long-term, Cobblestones are actually far more economical. You get far greater value for your money with Cobblestones… a far bigger bang for your buck.

A Special Offer

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Building a wardrobe? You will need shoes that last a long time, and look better with each passing year!