About Us


Welcome to Cobblestone Shoes' official Web page...

We are pure leather premium shoe makers for men. We proudly handcraft all our products in India. And we exclusively use full and top grain leather. After all, full-grain and top-grain leathers are the best quality leather there is.
Only 1% of the leather in the entire world is good enough for Cobblestones. Why?
Because unlike others, we do not use fake leather (also known as leatherite or PU leather). Or even worse, the so called "genuine" leather, which is nothing more than pieces of left-over leather glued together and processed to finish.
Quick TIP: When purchasing leather shoes, always ask the salesman what kind of leather it is. Chances are the salesman won't even know what full-grain or top-grain leather means. Or worse, they'll tell you it's "genuine" leather, in which case you should run, not walk away from that store.
At Cobblestone our values are Style, Comfort & Durability.
And we welcome you to take any of our products home... just once... just to test them out. For nothing else will ever satisfy you again