Super Comfort Collection - The Brown Thickloaf - Full-Grain Padded Leather Shoes For MenSuper Comfort Collection - The Brown Thickloaf - Full-Grain Padded Leather Shoes For MenSuper Comfort Collection - The Brown Thickloaf - Full-Grain Padded Leather Shoes For MenSuper Comfort Collection - The Brown Thickloaf - Full-Grain Padded Leather Shoes For Men

Super Comfort Collection - The Brown Thickloaf - Full-Grain Padded Leather Shoes For Men


  • Super Comfort Collection by Cobblestone.
  • PADDED for additional comfort.
  • Full Grain Crust Leather Upper.
  • Soft Leather Inner & Insole.
  • Ultra Lightweight Polyutherane Outsole.
  • Best worn with brown and blue trousers, khakis, jeans and blazers.
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Sneakers Are For Boys. Men Wear Leathers.

Walk on the clouds with these extremely comfortable square toe full-grain leather loafers with padded insides on all sides and soft leather lining to keep your feet happy. We call them Thickloafs. You'll call them your feet's best friends.

Thickloafs - from the Super Comfort Collection

Cobblestone is proud to continue the tradition of blending comfort with style. This particular style of Loafers was first developed for King George VI as a casual house shoe.

Stand out from the crowd. Perfect for in-house wear, taking a stroll, meeting with friends, visiting with neighbors, and other casual events that do not require the formality yet demand style and elegance. These Cobblestones are made from the highest quality top-grain smooth leather. And as such, these Cobblestones are very tough and resilient.

Pair these Super Comfort Thickloafs with khakis, jeans, trousers, and other casual attire for maximum impact.

The best kind of leather

Full grain leather is the best, toughest kind of leather money can buy. It contains all the layers of the animal's hide, and as such lasts the longest.

The second best quality leathers are called top-grain. The only difference between top-grain and full-grain is that top-grain has a processed top-layer, making it smooth. The downside is that it's not as tough or durable as full-grain, but it is very, VERY close.

Genuine leathers are the weakest. When the toughest top layer of leather is stripped off, what you're left with is "genuine" leather. Genuine leather is significantly weaker, less durable, cheap and abundant. And not quite as valuable.

Handmade with love

Cobblestones are handmade shoes. They do not come off a production line. They're not made using machines.

Cobblestones are made by skilled workers who devote their life to learning the delicate art of shoe-making. And it shows.


Super Comfort Collection by Cobblestone – You can't carry your mattress everywhere even though walking on your mattress feels amazing. Fortunately, you can get your feet inside these super comfortable square toe loafers from Cobblestone. PADDED for additional comfort - You've been working all day, and now it's time to party. Only you don't have the energy. You're dreaming of a shower and the bed. But you have to get there. Your friends are all waiting for you. You slip into your most comfortable jeans and T-shirt. And of course, the Super Comfortable Thickloafs by Cobblestone. Full Grain Crust Leather Upper – The Absolutely Highest Quality Leather There Is. Tough and resilient, and very long lasting with proper care. Full grain leather incorporates all the layers of an animal’s hide, and as such have visibly beautiful imperfections. Every part of the animal’s skin is unique, and so is every pair of Cobblestones, since we only use full-grain leather to build these shoes. Soft Leather Inner & Insole – Stay Comfortable All Day Long. Perfect for all day wear at the cafes and bars with friends and family. Both the insole and inner are made from soft pure leather to increase the durability of the Cobblestones, and to keep your feet comfortable and rested during those long business meetings. Regular wear molds the leather overtime to the shape of your feet, making them undeniably the most comfortable shoes you’ve ever worn. Ultra Lightweight Polyutherane Outsole – So Your Cobblestones Stay Light-Weight & Easy To Wear. PU Outsole is much lighter than leather, and lasts almost just as long. Enhanced grooving provides additional friction to keep your feet firmly planted on to the ground. The Super Comfort series could have no other outsole but the lightest. Best worn with brown and blue trousers, khakis, jeans and blazers. These are the perfect casual shoes for clubbing, dining out with friends and family, walking along the country side, or just those relaxing long drives.

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Frequently Asked questions

What is the warranty on these?

All pairs of Cobblestone Shoes come with an industry-leading 12-months warranty to protect you from any workmanship defects or damages.


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Full-Grain Leather

The highest quality leather money can buy

If you care about longevity and durability of your shoes... full-grain is your only option.

If you would like your shoes to last you a long time, and grow more comfortable over the years while looking better and better, anything other than full-grain leathers is sub-optimal.

Your Cobblestones are made from the highest quality full-grain leathers.
Select size
Super Durable

Strongest & most durable

Last long. Very long. Outlast almost everything money can buy. Grow more comfortable as they age.

A patina that you'll love

Develops over the years. Completely unique. Changes over time. Looks awesome.
Every hide is unique

Every hide is unique

Every animal is unique. Your leather tells a story. Expect unique markings & textures.
All Cobblestone Shoes Are Handmade with love
Since 1991

Handmade with love

Buy now
Keeping traditional craftsmanship alive

The Construction

Comfort comes from durability

Walk a mile in your Cobblestones. Then walk a hundred miles. Then a thousand.

With each step you take, the leather moulds itself to your feet. Over time, your Cobblestones become a part of you. Assume formlessness. Comfort like no other.

Sure, you may need to resole them from time to time. But the shoes themselves get better as they age.
60-days money back guarantee
12 Month Warranty

Experience the Cobblestone Difference

Quality. That's our thing. We do not worry about much else.


Fit like a pair of socks.


Cobblestone shoes are extremely durable
Last a decade, or even longer.


Bye-bye trends. Hello classics.
Get Yours Now

Build your entire foot wardrobe with cobblestone shoes

Start with your first pair. Fall in love with it over the next couple of weeks.

Then, when you are ready, let us build your foot wardrobe over the months.

Soft leather inners To keep your feet warm

Reduces friction. Comfort is what we are all about.
Choose your size & order now
Try free for first 60 days. Either Cobblestones are the most comfortable shoes you have ever enconsed your feet in, or return them for a full refund. Used.
Full grain leather shoes with visible wrinkling on the right shoe

Fit like socks

Oh. So. Comfortable.

Up Your Shoe Game

Perfect for

Super Comfort Collection - The Brown Thickloaf - Full-Grain Padded Leather Shoes For Men are perfect for the following occasions...

Dinner Dates

Party With Friends

Client Meetings


Office Formal


City Walk

Long Drive

Sunday Brunches

Best Paired With

Super Comfort Collection - The Brown Thickloaf - Full-Grain Padded Leather Shoes For Men look awesome with...

Brown Shorts