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The Candace Collection


  • The Candace Collection by Cobblestone Shoes – The quintessential business party shoes. The perfect wedding shoes. The “stand-out-from-the-decorated-crowd” shoes.
  • Top Grain Smooth Leather Upper – Very High Quality Leather Finished to Perfection. Tough and resilient, and very long lasting with proper care. Top grain leather incorporates almost all the layers of an animal’s hide, and yet are processed to smoothness. As such are the most beautiful leathers that still retain the toughness and longevity of the full-grain. Every part of the animal’s skin is unique, and so is every pair of Cobblestones made from top-grain or full-grain leathers.
  • Full Grain Goat Leather Vamp – The Absolutely Highest Quality Leather There Is. Tough and resilient, and very long lasting with proper care. Full grain leather incorporates all the layers of an animal’s hide, and as such have visibly beautiful imperfections. Every part of the animal’s skin is unique, and so is every pair of Cobblestones, since we only use full-grain leather to build these shoes.
  • Soft Leather Inner & Insole – Stay Comfortable All Day Long. Perfect for all day wear at the cafes and bars with friends and family. Both the insole and inner are made from soft pure leather to increase the durability of the Cobblestones, and to keep your feet comfortable and rested during those long business meetings. Regular wear molds the leather overtime to the shape of your feet, making them undeniably the most comfortable shoes you’ve ever worn.
  • Long Lasting Tunic Neolite Outsole – So Your Cobblestones Stay Light-Weight & Easy To Wear. Neolite is much lighter than leather, and lasts almost just as long. Rubber-like texture provides additional friction to keep your feet firmly planted on to the ground. And it still looks quite like leather soles.
  • Best worn with navy blue suits, blazers or jeans. These are the perfect semi formal shoes for all kinds of semi-formal events – business or otherwise.

Product Description

The Wedding Shoes. The Office Party Shoes. 

Candace by Cobblestone are the quintessential semi-formal wear.

Stand out from the crowd with our unique twist on the classic wingtip brogue. Perfect for business meetings, semi-formal ceremonies and events, evening events and especially weddings, these Cobblestones are made from the highest quality top-grain smooth leather, with a touch of full-grain goat leather. And as such, these Cobblestones are very tough and resilient.

What is the best kind of leather.

Full grain leather is the best, toughest kind of leather money can buy. It contains all the layers of the animal's hide, and as such lasts the longest.

The second best quality leathers are called top-grain. The only difference between top-grain and full-grain is that top-grain has a processed top-layer, making it smooth. The downside is that it's not as tough or durable as full-grain.

Genuine leathers are the weakest. When the toughest top layer of leather is stripped off, what you're left with is "genuine" leather. Genuine leather is significantly weaker, less durable, cheap and abundant. And not quite as valuable.

Handmade with love

Cobblestones are handmade shoes. They do not come off a production line. They're not made using machines.

Cobblestones are made by skilled workers who devote their life to learning the delicate art of shoe-making. And it shows.


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