I am falling in love with Cobblestone shoes. What strikes first when I saw the shoes was the beauty of leather! I tried the classic Formal Oxford model, a full grain leather shoe in tan tone. It's a colour that I was not used to wearing but the deep hand-worked shade is subtle, and goes with everything from jeans, chinos, brown and blue suit or trousers. It fits easily into a business outfit because the dose of red is sober and moderate. In the shade, she is akin to a light brown with a slight purple hue, and in the sun she finds a glow that is more reddish, but remains moderate and quite portable with a suit. Personally I am seduced. I am impressed by the overall quality and the stylistic bias of the brand. I really have beautiful shoes on the feet, elegant just enough without doing too much.
Kalyan Panja
Professional Photographer
Cobblestone shoes are very high quality and perfect to gift to the man of your life! The shoes come in a black wooden box that looks really royal and sophisticated. Though the brand says the shoes are for casual meeting but I feel they would go well for a formal meeting as well. Mr MBT wore for the meeting in his office all day and he said these are the most comfortable shoes ever. The fitting is very good and makes feet feel comfortable throughout the day! Mr MBT has been using the shoes for more than a month and the shoes have not been ripped by little nicks and have not been scratched. The shoes have also been tested in rain and they were not ruined by water at all.
Megha Saraf
Indian lifestyle, beauty, fashion & mommy blogger.