Thank you for choosing Cobblestone Shoes.

We appreciate your business, and we are grateful for your vote of trust.

Every pair of Cobblestones you own is covered by our unmatched 30-days no questions asked money-back return guarantee, as well as a six month warranty (12 months for Collectors) that protects your purchase against all manufacturing defects.

Additionally, you can always purchase our unique 4-year insurance plan. This plan covers your pair of Cobblestones for four years from the date of purchase. Not only does this protect your Cobblestones against and all manufacturing defects, but also against accidents, cracks, damages, and so on.

So we highly recommend purchasing it at the time of your purchase. Please note that the insurance plan must be purchased on the same date as your Cobblestone shoes directly from for it to be valid.

If you have any other questions, queries, concerns, requests, or messages… please feel free to contact us using the form below.

Once again, thank you for being a Cobblestone client. We look forward to continue serving you as best as we can.

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  • 4x Reward Points Per Dollar Spent. Redeemable for three years at this site.
  • Six Months of Extended Warranty on All Products
One Year Subscription $99

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4-Year Insurance For Shoes

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  • Protection against any and all damage.
  • Covers workmanship, uppers, souls and inners.
  • Covers manufacturing defects as well as accidents.
  • Total value equivalent to the purchase price of the pair
  • Must be purchased on the same date as the purchase of shoes.
  • Must be purchased at
Add 4 Years Insurance For $79